Matt Peyton has been in creative services since he was 17 years old. For the past 15 years Matt has serviced clients like the NY Times, Getty Images, Associated Press, numerous magazines, and dozens of independent commercial clients.

NJ UrbanThinker is a local news related source providing all news articles, stories things all related to Urban Planning in NJ.

At RPM Development Group, our goal is to create high-quality affordable housing. Throughout our history this has meant developing residential communities that are affordable and serve as environments for residents and their families to thrive. Our company takes great pride in creating housing that is attractively designed, skillfully built, and well-managed. Sustainable building is one of the core values that guides our work. When affordable housing is done well, we believe that it can serve as a transformational resource for residents and a source of beauty and vibrancy for surrounding communities.

Founded in 1986, RPM is one of the leading developers of affordable housing in New Jersey. Our company has developed residential communities that are home to thousands of New Jerseyans and represent hundreds of millions of dollars in community investment across the state. Our work has included new construction on underutilized land, the adaptive reuse of industrial properties, the restoration of historic buildings, and multi-phase initiatives to increase affordable housing options in urban and suburban communities.

RPM brings all aspects of the affordable housing development process under one roof, with expertise in development, construction, leasing, and property management. We have worked with cities, suburban towns, local housing authorities, and state and federal agencies to create high-quality housing options for New Jerseyans and are experienced in combining multiple forms of financing to bring projects to fruition. Drawing on the experience of our staff and skillful partners, we have achieved these goals in the face of highly challenging circumstances, whether renovating an abandoned industrial building, bringing polluted land back into productive use, or turning around a historic neighborhood.

United Forms Finishing Corporation is your one-stop, outsource printing and mailing center. We produce, assemble, package, distribute and mail almost anything on paper. We offer offset printing, laser printing, data processing, lettershop, pick & pack and mailing services.  UFF has become a leader by staying abreast of the latest technology, listening to the client’s requirements resulting in real solutions and offering intensive quality controls that exceed expectation. We’ll help make your life easier by lifting the burden of coordinating numerous suppliers, because we’ll do it all.

Heyer, Gruel & Associates was founded in 1970 and has grown from a staff of two to one of New Jersey’s largest professional planning firms. In addition to serving our public and private clients, members of the firm are actively involved in other professional endeavors including teaching at Rutgers University, training sessions with professional organizations, participating in professional seminars and research and publishing. The firm offers our clients a depth and diversity in virtually all areas of professional practice. 

For over 30 years the firm has provided a full range of planning services to more than 50 municipal clients ranging from some of New Jersey’s largest cities to rural towns with populations under 1,000 people. The firm has a great deal of experience in multi-jurisdictional planning efforts ranging from multi-community planning projects to County Master Plans. In addition to our municipal clients, the firm has provided services to State, county and regional agencies, as well as private clients.

With sixty years of experience, Mason, Griffin & Pierson, P.C. offers personalized service while providing highly effective legal counsel. Located in Princeton, New Jersey, the firm is community-oriented, offering a wide range of legal services to public and private clients. The firm applies a team approach in meeting clients’ needs and is organized by practice groups in the following areas: Business & Banking, Employment Law, Estates & Trusts, Litigation, Local Government Law, Real Estate & Land Use.

Since 1935, Tyler School of Art, Temple University has offered students the combination of a world renowned faculty of dedicated teachers, accomplished studio artists, and highly respected scholars with the resources of a major university.
It is the nucleus for a global network of artists of every medium, constantly in touch with the vanguard of each discipline it represents, and it is intensely personal—focused on the idiosyncratic creative development of every student. It is a superb and intense art conservatory of 1600 students, set among the myriad resources of a great urban research university of 37,000, at home in one of the most culturally rich cities in the United States. Tyler is also a part of the Center for the Arts at Temple University a comprehensive and unified academic unit consisting of the Boyer College of Music and Dance, Tyler School of Art, and the Division of Theater, Film and Media Arts.

Based in Hoboken, New Jersey, PPG specializes in identifying and creatively solving land use and development-related problems for private, non-profit and governmental clients throughout the Northeast United States.  Our innovative planning work is distinguished by a sound understanding of the market forces which drive development and the legal framework which controls it.

The planning and development of residential, commercial and mixed-use developments is complex. It takes experience, innovation, creativity, and perseverance.

At The Metro Company, LLC we not only provide an array of planning, development and housing services, we also structure and secure the public and private financing that is necessary to bring our diverse plans and projects to fruition.

Our wide-ranging, yet practical and proven experience on both the public and private sides of the development aisle enables us to bring what we call the Imprint of Reality to our work. From a real world perspective, we know what it takes to effectively plan and get projects financed, developed and built.

This Imprint of Reality also means we foster successful business and strategic partnerships and build solutions through consensus that often spans competing public and private interests and multiple constituencies.

Our track record is proven. Our portfolio of work is diverse.

Affordable and Mixed-Income Housing Finance
Rental and For-Sale Housing Development
Community and Economic Development Programs
Public & Private Financing
Financial Packaging For Residential & Commercial Projects
Housing and Commercial Revitalization Programs
Master Plans and Smart Growth Plans
Redevelopment Studies and Plans
Neighborhood Plans and Strategies
Housing Plans
Zoning Ordinances, Land Use Regulations & Design Guidelines
Market and Financial Feasibility Analysis
Behind this body of work – examples of which you can find on this web site – are the highly experienced planning, housing, finance and development professionals of Metro. They turn our client’s projects into reality and are the reason for our twenty-six years of success.

When you need real insight, real vision and real success, contact Metro

FHI is a firm of innovative, multidisciplinary, and environmentally conscious planners, engineers, and scientists dedicated to improving the structure, function, connectivity, and overall quality of communities. FHI staff has expertise in transportation, environmental planning and sustainability, community planning, community engagement, public relations, information technology, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Thorough knowledge of the planning process, innovative presentation techniques, and strong quality assurance augment the high quality of our products as shown by our strong track record of repeat clients both as prime and as team members.
FHI has provided services to public and private sector clients since 1987 from office locations in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. FHI is certified as a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) / women owned business (WBE) in over 20 states and for many regional and municipal entities. FHI is also a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in the state of Connecticut.
FHI was founded in 1987 by Ruth Fitzgerald. The company has grown from just two employees in 1987 to almost 40 employees currently. FHI became an employee-owned company in 2006, when five employees purchased stock from Ruth for the first time. By 2012, more than half of FHI employees have become shareholders, a testament to their commitment to FHI and seeing it thrive as a company. FHI staff enjoy a vibrant camaraderie and strive to provide superior service to every client.