L&G Planning

CWL Planning was founded in 2009 and is now doing business as L&G Planning with the announcement of a partnership between the firms Principals, Chuck Latini and Paul Gleitz. While we are a new Firm, we have over 35 years of experience. Our partners have gathered extensive breadth and depth of experience working in independent practice or at our former firms. We have combined our expertise to create a full-service top-quality planning Firm. In addition to serving our clients, members of our firm are involved in other professional endeavors that increase its expertise base thus its ability to serve a wide variety of clients on a wide variety of issues. As such, we also teach graduate level courses at Rutgers University, and Hunter College, conduct training sessions with professional organizations, participate in professional planning training seminars, graduate level course at Columbia University, in addition to research and publishing. All of these experiences grounds the firm in the reality of day-to-day municipal operations with a solid understanding of the effects statewide policies have on the ground.