Janine G. Bauer, Esq. (Szaferman Lakind)

Janine G. Bauer has successfully represented clients in environmental matters for some 30 years. Whether you need advice about which path to take in a site clean-up, representation in a lawsuit (brought by you or against you), or insurance coverage, Janine can help you. She will also review your purchase and sale agreements in real estate matters, achieve compliance with state regulations and provide oversight of remediation funds. Janine cuts through complex problems to find cost-effective solutions that achieve the client’s objectives. Janine is a strategic and experienced trial lawyer, and a former lead prosecutor.

In 2003, Janine also started a transportation and infrastructure practice. If you are in the transportation business, whether by sea, rail, highway, or air, or you are involved in a business that depends on the transportation system, Janine can help you achieve your business goals. She will sort through the maze of transportation, land use and environmental  laws to obtain approvals, bring or defend lawsuits and challenge fees or fines.

Janine also practices land use, zoning, redevelopment and historic preservation law. She is also a registered legislative agent in New Jersey, and lobbies in the tri-state area capitals. She also advises municipalities and other public entities on transportation matters to reduce tort liability and increase safety, specifically promoting Complete Streets as a way to improve mobility for senior citizens, bicyclists and pedestrians.