Serving the Greater Philadelphia region for more than 40 years, DVRPC works to foster regional cooperation in a nine-county, two state area. City, county and state representatives work together to address key issues, including transportation, land use, environmental protection and economic development.

DVRPC was formed by an Interstate Compact through legislation passed by the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1965, as reenacted and amended in 1967, and by the New Jersey Legislature in a series of conforming acts passed between 1966 and 1974. DVRPC has prepared a summary, Key Provisions of the Delaware Valley Urban Area Compact. A copy of the Pennsylvania legislation, Act 43 of 1967, is also provided.

DVRPC provides services to member governments and others through planning analysis, data collection, and mapping services. Aerial photographs, maps and a variety of publications are available to the public and private sector.

The following is an overview of DVRPC. Click on the title to learn more about each. To learn more about DVRPC and our activities, you can also watch our marketing video DVRPC: Creating Tomorrow Today.