CHPlanning specializes in land use, environmental management, and infrastructure developing solutions to complex multidisciplinary problems for social and built environments. Our team of urban planners can help your community leverage its most crucial assets to make a better future. Our clients include neighborhoods, cities, public authorities, and airports. We advise places preparing for growth as well as those recovering from disinvestment or natural disaster. Since 1998, our work has won numerous awards and our licensed and certified planners have been called on to share their expertise with clients and colleagues throughout the world.

We planned the waterfront for the City of Chester, now home to the Philadelphia Union. We planned for growth at airports in Philadelphia, Boston, Houston, and New Orleans. We assisted neighborhoods and residents recovering from Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy. Our infrastructure capabilities include bicycle/pedestrian and roadway systems, ports and waterways, passenger and freight rail systems, stormwater management systems, and economic development programs. And, of course, we design community outreach and engagement programs that allow residents and other stakeholders the opportunity to effectively collaborate in building new futures.