Human Capital Investment and Community Development

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
January 1, 1970

The session will focus on Nurture thru Nature (NtN), a science/nature exploration program that exemplifies community partnerships. NtN aims to increase human and social capital development of elementary school students in New Brunswick, and seeks to prepare them for careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. NtN also engages in community development and efforts to reclaim brownfield/vacant land for use as hands-on science laboratories and community meeting spaces. NtN is designed as a classical experiment and is a partnership of Rutgers University,New Brunswick Public Schools and Johnson & Johnson. The session will provide each partner’s perspective on NtN program planning, design, implementation and impact.

  • Radha Jagannathan, Ph.D: Professor of Statistics, Urban Planning & Policy Development, Rutgers University
  • Meegan Adames:   K-12 Science Supervisor, New Brunswick Public Schools
  • Ashley Atkins, Ph.D: Manager, Corporate Contributions & Community Relations, Johnson & Johnson
  • Michael Camasso, Ph. D: Professor of Agricultural & Resource Economics, Rutgers University
  • Rachel Towlen: EJBSPPP
  • Jessica Varela, EJBSPPP

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