Ethics for Planners: “Do the right thing”

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
January 1, 1970

New Jersey licensed Professional Planners have ethical and legal obligations of conduct. Members of AICP subscribe to detailed aspirational principles and are held accountable to a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. New Jersey Local Government Ethics Law and the Municipal Land Use Law govern planning practice as well. Join our seasoned team of highly principled professionals as they explore the grey areas of professional life – what would you do? Meets the ethics requirement of CM certification.

  • David Kinsey, Ph.D., FAICP: Kinsey & Hand; Visiting Lecturer, Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy & International Affairs
  • Debbie Alaimo Lawlor, NJPP, FAICP: AICP Commissioner
  • Ronald D. Cucchiaro, Esquire: Partner, Weiner Lesniak LLP

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