Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

3:15 PM - 4:45 PM
January 1, 1970

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is based on the principle that proper design and effective use of buildings and public spaces in neighborhoods can lead to a reduction in the fear and incidence of crime, and an improvement in the quality of life for citizens. Together North Jersey recently funded a CPTED training for the benefit of several community development organizations that are concerned about community safety. The CPTED training is a community-driven planning and development process comprised of multidisciplinary teams that use crime prevention strategies to minimize the physical opportunity for crime and the social conditions that generate crime opportunities. This session will describe the fundamentals of CPTED, highlight the recently completed CPTED training and SafeGrowth Plans, and the future of CPTED activities in NJ.

  • David Aimen, NJPP, AICP: Assistant Director for Planning & Technical Assistance, Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center, EJBSPPP
  • Leonard Robbins: Urban League of Essex County
  • Wansoo Im, Ph.D: Vertices LLC
  • Alle Riess: La Casa de Don Pedro
  • Pamela B. Daniels: Community Outreach Coordinator, Unified Vailsburg Services Organization
  • Keith Hamas: Senior Planner, North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
  • Renee Haider: Sustainable New Jersey & The Sustainability Institute at TCNJ

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